Vertical Auger Juicer

Vertical Auger Juicer

There is nothing better than the original and natural. Fruits and their juices are very beneficial for health. Now it has gotten harder to decide which juicer to buy rather than which juice to drink. Juicers have made our life easy; we can get can fresh natural juice of any fruit of our choosing. Now the biggest challenge is to get the best juicer which is also in your budget. It is important to read reviews and detailed articles on any product before you decide to spend money on it.

The best juicers on the market tend to be the masticating juicer models. These juicers rotate at a much lower speed than the centrifugal juicers and may contain either single or two rotating augers. These juicers tend to be on the expensive side because of their additional features.

Masticating juicers are said to be the best juicers for green juicing. Their high quality features ensures nutritious juicing. Though this juicer moves at a slow pace but this means that maximum juice production. These rotating augers generate a considerably less amount of heat which doesn’t affect the production of juice.

The masticating juicer typically ranges from $200 to $400 which is kind of worth it. The rotating augers crush and squeeze the fruits which give more juice and more beneficial enzymes. Usually the twin rotating augers cost a bit more than the single because it provides the highest quality of juice.

These augers can be further divided into either vertical auger or horizontal auger. The vertical auger juicer has its vertically aligned or straight up. These juicers are typically thinner and can resemble the centrifugal juicers. Some of the prominent features of a vertical auger juicer are as follows:

• Larger feeder chute than the horizontal auger
• Less preparation of fruits and vegetables
• More sophisticated design than horizontal auger juicer
• It is easier to wash up compared to the rest

Now you must be thinking that why a slow juicer? Even though the juicing time is more but slow juicers are said to be the most beneficial. The slow action of squeezing and crushing renders more time towards the collection of nutrients.

Before buying anything that would cost you a lot you should look for expert’s advice. According to users and experts the best vertical auger juicer is the Kuvings Whole slow Juicer. This juicer has by far the widest feeder chute in the industry which is a whole 3 inch wide. This is good news because now you don’t need to prep your veggies and fruits.

The juicer has a powerful motor and rotator which can cut whole apples and carrots without forcing or shoving them in. The 240watt brushless motor rotates at 60 rpm which means that only small amount of air can go through. Less air means that the juice will not be oxidized as quickly as it does in a centrifugal juicer. This incredible juicer is also easy to clean which is a plus.