Trump supporters proclaim war on avocados

Over the past week, President Donald Trump are systematically threatened to close down the U.S.-Mexico border, as he continues to fight for his wall.

And in the wake of the president’s boastings, several media outlets reported how the decision could affect consumers. While there are tangible harms to the decision, for the sake of virality, some organizations wrote about how the border ban might cause a hike in avocado prices. From the Washington Post 😛 TAGEND

Of all the imports and exports that could be interrupted under such a scenario — from automobile parts to beef to create — few have generated more hand-wringing than the pear-shaped fruit. Industry leaders say America’s avocado supply is so dependent on Mexico that we’d run out in weeks, raising the specter of a future with subpar toast, smoothies, salads — and no guacamole.

Americans consume more fresh avocados( 7.5 pounds) per capita each year than they do peaches, pears, plums, prunes and nectarines combined.

In a normal, pre-everything-is-partisan world, the elimination of a wildly popular foodstuff in the American supply change would be cause for concern. But avocados have also become a signifier for a type of bourgeoisie, urban-dwelling liberal who purchases them at a white-washed establishment with succulents in window boxes while wearing an” I’m still with her” shirt.

And thusly, conservatives had to post about their disdain for avocados.

It became the stuff of memes on Reddit hive, r/ The_Donald.

Brandofj/ Reddit


There was also the false dichotomy that not importing avocados would somehow lead to more” national security .”

America would run out of avocados in three weeks if Trump shuts US-Mexico border- Big Deal- They grow in other places as well- ILLEGALS kill multiple people per week- Lives or Avocado’s?- Democrat supporting Pelosies Sainted Tainted Angels would pick the fruit from The_Donald

On Twitter, Trump’s biggest fans boasted about how they don’t care about avocados, echoing similar arguments.


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