16 Swaps That Stimulate Those Unhealthy Foods You Eat A Lot Better For You

New Years resolutions voice totally awesome on January 1 after you had five glasses of sangria but much less awesome when March makes, and you still have another 10 months to go.

How are you supposed to keep your promise to choose healthy options when theres a mouthwatering Dominos pizza sitting on your table or a tub of vanilla ice cream in your freezer? Its seducing to call it quits, forget 2016 and try again next year.

Luckily, we have a solution. With this list of simple swaps to build foods healthier, theres a simple way to satisfy your cravings and develop healthier feeing habits in 2016.

You actually can have your cake and( literally) eat it, too.


Cookie lover? Self-proclaimed chocolate-biscuit-eating expert? Check out this healthy version of the classic cookie made with oats and banana. You can even eat it for breakfast.


Who said dessert can only be feed after dinner? If you love carrots cake, take a look at thiscarrot-cake oatmeal recipe. It has both fruits and vegetables and also savours like a birthday party in a bowl. Delicious.

Not a fan of carrot cake? This chocolate-cheesecake oatmeal also savor like a birthday dessert. Enjoy it for a guilt-free breakfast.


If youre a total sucker for chocolate in the winter vacations, check out this Greek yogurt bark recipe. It involves Nutella, bananas and honey. In other terms, its the daily diet of a college student was transformed into a snack. Yummy.


Chocolate devotees unite. These fudge browniesare made with healthy ingredients like skimming milk and Greek yogurt, so you can treat yourself to several. Did we mention they only have 37 calories per serving? Dreams genuinely do come true.


Sunday morning breakfasts always savor best with a crepe filled with nutella, whipped cream and strawberries. Regrettably, the calories add up fast, which makes it hard to construct crepes a weekly staple. If youre looking to switch it up, consider these whole grain waffles as a substitute. You wont be sorry.


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There are some( most) weeks I feel like feeing pancakes for breakfast every day. With thismodified versionof the classic American pancake, I actually can. All it takes is two eggs and a banana. Cheap, healthy and delicious.


If youre a sucker for a chocolate shake, check out this chocolate smoothie instead. Its packed with protein and other nutrients you wont find in your Dairy Queen milkshake. If youre not feeling the chocolate, try these Skinny Milkshakes. Theres even vanilla and strawberry options( Neapolitan, anyone ?).


Pumpkin pie isnt just a holiday treat. If youre craving this comfortingdish, check out thiscrustless versionusing Truvia as a sweetener instead of brown sugar. The best part? The entire pie is only about 420 calories. Miracles really do happen.

Mac and Cheese

The typical college student needs Kraft Dinner like Rose requires Jack. Regrettably, just like the Titanic, things are eventually bound to accident and burn. Luckily, this Butternut Squash Mac’ n Cheese is made with coconut petroleum instead of butter. Its like Krafts( slightly better-looking) twin. Yes, please.

French Fries

Whats a good burger without a side of fries? Skip the high calories and fat by opting for these baked, nutritious options instead. Plus, the writer points out which recipe is best for novices to tackle. Were eternally grateful.


While spaghetti isnt necessarily unhealthy( whole-wheat pasta is rich in good things like fiber ), its not so great in big quantities. If youre craving pasta three times a week( or four or five ), swap out spaghetti some days for this easy Spaghetti Squash recipe. The selling phase? All you need is a microwave.


Whats spaghetti without a few meatballs thrown into the mixture? Pull a Meatless Monday, and check out this recipe for Zucchini Meatballs. You can induce them in under an hour, which still leaves you enough time to do that economics read you meant to get around to last week( oops ). Total score.

Ice Cream

Is there anything better on a hot July day than eating ice cream in your backyard? For a guilt-free version of this sweet treat, check out this vegan banana whip recipe. More of a chocolate person? Youre in luck. Theres also a Guilt-FreeBanana Chocolate Ice Cream recipe.


Just like every other typical college student, Im a pizza addict. But there are only so many times a week I can phone Dominos pizza before the franchise recognise my voice when I call. If youre in a similar situation, check out this Cauliflower Crust Pizza. Its like feeing a salad in pizza form.

Potato Chips

Its three in the morning and youre struggling to churn out the last paragraph of your history essay due tomorrow.

Your stomach rumblings. You open a container of chips, reach in for a handful and abruptly the entire purse is gone. Dont worry, weve all been there. Next period, snack guilt-free on some of these apple chips instead. Not a fan of apples? Check out this recipe for Baked Banana Chips.


If you love nachos( and who doesnt ?), try this healthier version with black beans and tomatoes. It has the same satisfying savour as regular nachos but without the extra fat and grease. Guilt-free snacking? Absolutely.

Original article by Jody Brimacombe for Spoon University St. Andrews .

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