16 As-Seen-On-TV Product Actually Worth Buying

I’ll admit it: I’m a sucker for informercials. I recollect with absoluteclarity the first time I watched the Ronco Rotisserie Gold cook no less than six chickens and three steaks at a time , and I was in.

The sad truth is, the vast majority of As-Seen-On-TV products are junk semi-handy inventions manufactured as cheaply as possible overseas, designed to sell quickly in large quantities and just as quickly, exit the market.

Yet there are a few As-Seen-On-TV products out there that are worth the money. From standby classics like the ShamWow and the Ove Glove, to popular newer optionslike the Scrub Daddy and the Turbie Twist, we’ve collected the best-reviewed and most popular As-Seen-On-TV products that are actually worth buying.

We hope you find these products as cool as we do! Just an FYI: 22 Words may receive a share of marketings from connects on this page .


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