This Is What Gymnast Gabby Douglas Eats To Get In Shape For The Olympics

Gabby Douglas, 20, is a young adult with the discipline of a bodybuilder. After yearsof rigorous gymnastic practice, the kind that defined her up for gold wins at the 2012 Olympics, Douglas knows every single bite of food she takes plays directly into how well she performs.

You also probably know this rule, but in a much more boozy style. Drinking a bottle of merlot at dinner feelings great, but makes Saturday morning’s hot yoga class into a suffering sauna that smells like hangover.

But while you’re bemoaning your absence of self-control, Douglas is hitting the gym and eating clean. With fewer than 30 days left before Rio, she’s kicked her diet scheme into high gear.

In a new interview with Cosmopolitan, Douglas reveals she sticks to lean protein and greens, but doesn’t deny herself the occasional indulgent( read: tasty) snack, like her grandma’s waffles, for example.

On an average day, the gymnast starts off with oatmeal and a banana( homemade by granny) alongside a mug of hot tea. By the time lunch was coming, Douglas has already logged four hours of grueling work on the mat. She downs chicken breast and asparagus, finishing the meal off with dark chocolate-covered almonds.

Two hours later gymnastics-filled, I might add Douglas sits down to grilled salmon, green beans and homemade gingerbread.

So … that’s about a third of the food I eat on an average day and about five times the workout. Great.

Cosmo goes on to note that Douglas has lighter exert days, in which she’s been known to sneak in a taco salad or bacon. And when there’s no work to do, you’ll find the Flying Squirrel sleeping late or watching cook indicates on TV.

Notably, Douglas doesn’t go for fancy, overpriced smoothies or kelp noodles. It’s just wholesome food, eaten in moderation with the occasional treat. She even chows down on pasta once in a while.

The average person could utterly recreate her proteins-and-greens diet on a budget.

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