Green Juicing Side Effects

Green Juicing Side Effects

Whenever you make changes to your normal routine – especially when it comes to eating – there are bound to be some adjustments that your body will experience. With green juicing, there are some side effects that you’ll want to be aware of.

These side effects are mild and do pass rather quickly. But there are ways to handle them and even prevent them in some cases, so awareness is key in making your green juicing experience a positive one.

Low Calorie Juicing Side Effects

If you want to find a way to get healthier, leaner and stave off potential health issues, then green juicing is one of the best ways to do that. When you first get started, you’ll notice a difference in the way that you feel.

You will have more energy from all of the nutrients. On the flip side though, since most people are usually consuming far more calories than they realize before a juicing cleanse, when they switch to juicing, they usually find that they experience an increase in hunger pangs.

This will subside as the stomach adjusts to this new, healthier way of eating. You simply have to wait it out. What you can also do is if you find that the hunger pangs are too annoying to deal with, is add a few more calories to your diet and lower them slowly instead of all at once.

This allows your body time to get used to the change rather than going cold turkey. While you will experience an upswing in energy, it’s also fairly common to experience fatigue for some people.

The reason that this happens is becomes most people are accustomed to consuming meals that contain a large volume of carbohydrates. Carbohydrates, especially slow acting ones, remain in the body longer and take longer to digest.

Carbs keep your glucose level up. Without the same high level of carbs, your glucose level will lower and level out. So you’ll experience a bit of exhaustion. This will go away once your body goes through the adjustment period and then your energy levels surge higher than before.

Another common side effect of low calorie juicing is mood changes. Hunger is a common cause of irritability. Because you’ll be eating less, it will be easier to become irritated.

This is something that is fleeting and will also go away. The majority of people who start a low calorie juicing lifestyle do it after having been accustomed to eating a certain type of food on a regular basis.

So when you change that – especially if you do it suddenly – it can throw your digestive system out of whack. You might go through periods where you need to have frequent bowel movements or you might experience the opposite – constipation.

Most people, however, will deal with more frequency. This is because juicing adds a lot more fiber to the diet than most people are used to consuming. If you give your body time to become accustomed to the greater amount of fiber, your bathroom habits will stabilize.

The amount of fiber consumed can also lead to a difference in your glucose readings if you’re diabetic. Juicing can cause elevated readings and you might feel fatigue, thirsty and tired.

If that happens, you’ll simply need to adjust the amount of fiber you have in your concoctions. For people who choose to use the low calorie green juicing as a means of detoxing, they’ll experience similar side effects.

But they may also start to have headaches or to experience dizziness. This is completely normal as well. It’s caused by lowering the amount of calories that you’re used to eating.

If you’re someone who was big on drinking caffeine and you go off of it for the detox, then withdrawing from the caffeine can cause both headaches and irritability. All of these symptoms will pass within 48 hours.

Low Fiber Side Effects with Green Juicing

Green juicing is a great way to get plenty of nutrients and fiber in your daily diet. Most people actually get the daily recommended amount of fiber when they have an eating plan that includes juicing.

However, if you’re not careful and aren’t paying attention, then you can accidentally leave a good portion of the pulp in your juicer. When that happens, the beverages that you’re creating aren’t getting the right amount of fiber content – which means you’re not getting it, either.

That can equal a diet that’s too low in fiber. A diet that doesn’t contain enough fiber can throw off your normal digestive routine. When that happens, you’ll experience side effects that can make you uncomfortable.

One of these side effects is bloating. With bloating, you can feel pain in your abdomen. You can also experience gas and burping as a result of this bloating, caused by low fiber.

Not having enough fiber can cause you to have constipation and when that happens, you’ll struggle to go the bathroom or end up producing stools that are hard to pass. While low fiber can definitely be a problem when green juicing, it does have a simple remedy to fixing all of the side effects associated with it.

You just need to make sure that you get all the pulp out of your juicer when you’re making your beverages. Sometimes, people don’t get enough fiber when green juicing because they’re not aware of how to use the fiber dense foods when creating the drinks.

This is also an easy problem to resolve. You just need to make sure that you know which foods offer you the amount of fiber that you need. These will be foods such as apples, broccoli, carrots and more.

It’s easier to get the fiber you need when you’re able to follow recipes that tell you the fiber content. These recipes are found in books that contain recipes dedicated to green juicing.

Loss of Muscle Mass on a Green Juicing Diet

The beneficial effects of green juicing are well known. You can feel better, look better, have more energy, gain a boost in your immune system and lose weight – which in turn contributes to better long term health.

However, one of the side effects of being on a green juicing diet is that you might experience a loss of muscle mass if you’re not careful. It’s true that the foods you’ll consume in juicing are excellent resources for your body, but you need essential amino acids in order to give your muscles what they need to thrive.

If you don’t, then what happens is that your body will begin to take the protein from areas of your body – specifically your muscles. This is known as muscle wasting, because without the proper amount of protein, muscles just can’t function the way they’re supposed to.

The side effects of a lack of protein are pretty obvious. You’ll start to experience more soreness in your muscles, even if you’re not being overly active. You’ll also notice that your muscles feel weaker than they used to – as if they’ve given up some of their strength (and that’s because they have).

The lack of protein robs your muscles of their strength. You’ll begin to lose the muscle mass and you’ll discover that your muscles just don’t work the way they were once able to.

This loss of muscle mass that occurs when someone is on a green juicing diet isn’t something that has to happen. When it happens, it’s usually because the person on the diet isn’t paying enough attention to their body’s nutritional demands.

You must have protein – even on a green juicing diet. Thankfully, making sure you get the protein that you need on this diet is a quick and easy fix. You just have to make sure that you’re using ingredients that contain the protein that you need.

This is why you need a guide or some kind of recipe book or instructional help to teach you how to keep the protein during a green juicing diet. What you can do to fix it right now is you can add certain ingredients to your beverages.

You can add chia seeds for one. These contain around 4 grams of protein. Another protein you can add is ground flax seeds. These contain around 5 grams of protein.

If you already haven’t been getting enough protein and you’re already feeling some of the side effects, then add ingredients with a higher protein count such as hemp seeds, which contain about 10 grams of protein.

You can also use protein powder as long as you choose the kind that doesn’t contain any artificial flavorings, color or sugars. Simply add a scoop of protein to the blender or to the juiced concoction and you’ll prevent deterioration of your muscles and strength.

Energy Boost By Weeding Out Food Allergies

Green juicing can make you feel great. The first couple of days will be an adjustment period for you. You’ll be eating a different way and then dealing with the side effects that will happen as a result of that.

You’ll discover that you have a lot of energy and you won’t feel bogged down or bloated with food. An added benefit with green juicing that’s closely linked to how you feel and how much energy you have is found in food allergies.

Food allergies are fairly common, but there are many people who aren’t even aware that they have them. They just know that they don’t feel the best that they could feel. When you’re green juicing or going through a cleanse, you’re cutting out the foods that can be causing you to have allergies that you know about – and in some cases, don’t know about.

Some of the more common allergies are found in dairy, nuts, and wheat – though this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to allergies. Many foods are cross developed, so you may think you’re eating something that’s free of everything you have an allergy to – when you’re actually consuming trace amounts of it.

When you cut out the things that trigger your allergies, something amazing takes place within your body. You can end up not having the abdominal issues that you’ve dealt with for ages.

You can stop feeling bloated, not have issues with gas or gas pains, and you can stop feeling like you’re sick to your stomach. When you get away from foods that trigger your allergies, you’ll notice an improvement in symptoms that are connected to the foods that you eat.

You can diminish or end headaches that you may have struggled with. Your body can stop feeling like you’re so fatigued or achy. If you go on a green juice diet or a detox cleanse and you notice that you feel better by the second day, that can be a good sign that you could have been dealing with a food allergy and may not have realized it.

Being on the green juice diet or detoxing can help you narrow down the food that’s the cause of making you feel less than your best. You can use this for what it is – an opportunity to slowly add back one food at a time.

When you add that food back, if your symptoms rear up, then you’ll be able to identify what it is that’s caused you to feel bad or have a reaction. Understand that sometimes, when you go on a green juicing diet or a detox, cutting out certain foods can be triggers in themselves.

Since caffeine is a stimulant, cutting that out can actually cause headaches to develop. It can also cause irritability and mood swings when cutting it out cold turkey. It’s a firm sign that your body was being artificially propped up to keep you going throughout the day.

Detox Symptoms That Affect Hormones and Senses

Whenever you’re doing a detox, you can expect that you’re going to experience some symptoms as your body adjusts. Some of these symptoms are going to play a hand in how your hormones and senses function.

This is a natural reaction and your body will adapt quickly. As toxins leave your body, you might actually feel worse when you begin the cleanse, but this doesn’t last long. You might feel like you’re coming down with something and get headaches.

You might experience fatigue, dizziness and bowel changes. Again, all of this is perfectly normal and these symptoms don’t last through the entire cleanse. You’re not only ridding your body of the things that aren’t that healthy for you, but you’re also putting your body through a food change and it will give off symptoms as it does that.

During the first couple of days of a detox, you’re not going to feel your best. But if you can make it over the hurdle and get through those days, then you’ll feel amazing. For women, one of the ways that detoxing affects the hormones is through menstrual cycle alterations.

Some women won’t experience any changes in this area, while others might have a missed period or additional period as the body adjusts. Once it does, however, the cycle will resume its regular routine.

Detoxing can also decrease the feelings and symptoms associated with PMS. The changes in your hormones that occur with detoxing can sometimes show up on your skin.

Some people will see changes such as a sudden increase or outbreak of acne or red or blotchy areas on the skin. This is normal and is caused by the toxins leaving the body as well as the ingredients you may be using in the cleanse.

This side effect will right itself within a day or two of the cleanse. A detox can affect your senses by causing you to taste or smell things that you no longer take part in – such as drinking alcohol or smoking.

Your body may call up these phantom tastes and smells as a result of the body getting rid of the toxins associated with the habit. This won’t last long and your sense of taste and smell will return to normal.

Green juicing, like many other health and weight loss journeys, is an adjustment period for your body and mind. While you may have to deal with a few minor discomforts, they are far outweighed by the tremendous energy and health benefits you’ll experience if you get over the 48-hour hurdle.


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